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Study Island offers rigorous content built from the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum to prepare for the HSA and End-of-Course tests.

Study Island supports the learning process and builds off of your students’ enthusiasm for technology with engaging, interactive lessons and activities. Students can work through the web-based program at their own pace, or teachers can guide students through the program. And with dynamic content, students don’t memorize the answers, they learn the topics.


  • College and Career Readiness Bundle
    Study Island packs our high-impact products into a comprehensive package with one low price. Built from your state standards, it ensures that students are prepared for a successful transition to their college or career choice. It features core curriculum products, Common Core Standards, ACT, or SAT exam preparation, Advanced Placement, developmental learning, college-level study guides, and reading intervention through online graphic novels.

Standards Mastery

  • Common Core Standards Program
    Study Island's high-impact, low-cost Common Core State Standards preparation program ensures that your students achieve proficiency on their summative exams.
  • HSA Preparation
    The Study Island HSA Preparation and Common Core Mastery Program enables students to improve their performance in all skill areas tested on the HSA. And we provide the road map to help transition to the Common Core Standards.
  • PARCC Common Core Benchmarking
    Study Island Benchmark tests assess student progress toward meeting your state standards and provide valuable information to inform instruction.

Extended Learning

  • End-of-Course
    Reinforce key concepts taught in the classroom with Study Island End-of-Course programs for popular subjects like algebra, geometry, and biology.
  • Advanced Placement Exam Preparation
    Specifically designed to help high school students master the knowledge and skills needed to succeed on AP exams, the Study Island AP programs offer rigorous subject-specific content, and are customized to College Board specifications.
  • College Entrance Exam Preparation
    Help students prepare for college entrance exams with interactive, in-depth lessons in all exam subjects. Study Island’s ACT and SAT exam preparation offers high-quality learning, at a fraction of the cost of classroom sessions.
  • The Works of Shakespeare
    Expose your high school students to the most popular plays of William Shakespeare. With our Works of Shakespeare program, students gain a broader understanding of the key concepts in a completely web-based environment.
  • Developmental Learning
    Prepare students for college-level coursework with our Developmental programs designed to provide the skills needed to successfully transition to college.
  • GED Test Preparation
    Help students prepare for the GED test with web-based practice and instruction. Our automatic, self-paced instruction, assessment, and grading identifies areas needing more practice.
  • High School Graphic Novels
    Engage struggling and reluctant readers using richly illustrated graphic novels. Foster a love of reading in your classroom with subject matter that appeals to high school ages.

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