High School Graphic Novels

The Study Island Reading: Revisited & Reconsidered program actively engages students’ interest using graphic novels. Our aim is to help students revisit what reading means and reconsider what they think literature can be.

The program:

  • Assesses students comprehension using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
  • Engages readers through vivid illustrations and texts
  • Improves phonemic awareness, fluency, text comprehension and writing
  • Connects students to vocabulary and engaging storylines
  • Improves student confidence and further their desire to read
  • Assists struggling readers, reluctant readers, avoidance readers, and English language learners by helping develop reading comprehension skills


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Study Island saves time by giving students exactly what they need to excel. It shows students which strands they’re weak in, so they can focus on the skills they need to pass the exam with flying colors. They also like that they can measure their progress as they go.

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